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Why City & Guilds Certification is Important for Beauty Professionals?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The beauty industry is expanding by leaps and bounds and there is a huge scope of making a career in beauty, makeup, hair, and nails. However, it’s important to have the right training and necessary qualification to kick start your career. Many institutes claim to provide world-class training and international certification. It’s easy to get mislead and lured by false promises especially when you are new to this industry. You should always crosscheck the authenticity of such institutes and their certifications. Are you aware of City & Guild Certification? Do you know this certification can assure you a well-paid job? Let’s get to know the importance of City & Guilds certification and Time Machine Academy:

About City & Guilds

City & Guilds, the prestigious institute has 140 years of experience in skill development and vocational education. The City and Guilds of London Institute was founded by the Corporation of the City of London and 16 livery companies (The Guilds) in the year 1878. Together with ILM, Kineo, The Oxford Group, Digitalme, and Gen2, they provide a broad and imaginative range of products and services.

The City & Guilds certification is recognized worldwide. The qualification enables an individual to be the best fit in his/her chosen field. The salons that are affiliated with City & Guilds follow international standards of training and syllabus. It is an industry-recognized qualification that will allow you to start your career efficiently in makeup, hair or nails.

Hence, you must complete your training from a reputed salon that is affiliated with City & Guilds.

· Benefits of joining a City & Guilds affiliated training institute

- City & Guilds certification carries a lot of prominence in the world of beauty. Time Machine Salon & Academy is one of the few institutes in Mumbai that provides international standards of training. You must begin your career with a reputed institute like Time Machine as it offers plenty of benefits to you as a student.

- The training program involves theory, video presentations, live demos, practical sessions, projects, and field trips. Constant practice and maximum exposure to live work instill a lot of confidence in individuals. The training prepares you for real-life work as well as it helps you build an impressive portfolio even when you are in a training period.

- The international syllabus designed by City & Guilds polishes your skills as a beginner. The vast syllabus helps you broaden your knowledge about the beauty industry. You are trained as a confident individual. The training teaches you every important aspect of your course with maximum practical sessions. In addition to this, all the theoretical and practical exams are conducted by City & Guilds.

Why should you choose Time Machine Academy?

1. Time Machine Salon & Academy is the only training institute in Navi Mumbai which is affiliated with City & Guilds. Once you complete your training, you are rewarded with City & Guilds certification that can help you get a well-paid job anywhere in the world.

2. This globally-recognized certificate is your ticket to work for high-end salons, 5-star hotels, cruise ships, etc. The certificate also helps you in the visa process for further studies or you can easily get a job abroad.

3. Time Machine Academy is also associated with L’Oréal which has a presence in 130 countries. As a student, you get to attend 7 days of intensive training conducted by the L’Oréal professional team.

4. Time Machine emphasizes on quality training and hence, they conduct training in small batches. Students get personal attention as only 7 students are allowed in each batch.

5. The highly experienced faculty at Time Machine ensures that the students get quality training. The insightful sessions are conducted by visiting faculty that gives more exposure to students.

6. The training is conducted with the help of slides, study materials, intermittent revision sessions and hands-on practice on mannequins and live models.

7. Time Machine Academy Students will have the opportunity to get an in-house internship during and after their courses are completed.

8. For every student, they must get enough assistance from the institutes to get jobs in the well-known salons. Time Machine does provide 100% job placement opportunities to their students.

9. Lastly, it is a huge relief for students with a weaker financial background as they can avail of easy installments facility to complete their training.

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