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Hair & Beauty Classes You Can Take From Time Machine 2023

The inner beauty of an individual lies within. What we feel inside our body and mind is what we reflect on our faces. This blog highlights things one needs to remember when choosing the right training school and why it is important to train at a good institution. The world has changed dramatically. Fashion and beauty are one of the fastest-growing industries. People from all walks of life try to emulate this world of glitz and glamour.

However, there is a significant difference between learning at a professional academy and learning from a private tutor. Your knowledge and growth will be faster here, and there will be less room for error. With the course certification, your foundation will be considerably stronger. If you are a budding makeup artist or want to go into the cosmetics industry, the following are some of the best makeup lessons in Navi Mumbai.

Hair styling course

At Time Machine Academy, you may learn hair styling from top artists. The course lasts four months, plus a one-month internship and kit. You may pick up fundamental and expert hair styling skills. The curriculum is accredited by City & Guilds and will help advance your career.

Beauty Course

Time Machine Academy offers excellent beauty courses if you want to succeed as a makeup artist and beauty expert. The course lasts two months and covers a basic and advanced understanding of aesthetic procedures. You will undoubtedly gain much knowledge because these courses offer students the most personal attention and beauty advice possible.

Makeup Course

At Time Machine Academy, you will get all the knowledge needed to become the best makeup artist. Enroll in a 2-month basic and advanced course that will help you access extensive knowledge. These courses are supported and certified by City & Guilds.

Nail Art Course

If you like nail art and want to pursue your career as a nail artist, then Time Machine Academy has the right course. Learn theory and practical knowledge about nails and nail art from some of the experts at this academy. Since this academy is internationally acclaimed, you will surely get the best and most advanced nail art knowledge. The course includes basic kits and demo sessions on the latest trends in the fashion world.

Hair extension courses

Enlighten your mind and excel as a hairstylist specializing in hair extensions only at Time Machine Academy. This 10-day course is a powerhouse of knowledge and opportunity at this acclaimed hair training and makeup training academy. Get a kit upon enrolling and start your journey by learning some of the most advanced hair extension techniques. Learn from clip-on extensions to Keratine Bond extensions under this course.

Time Machine Academy is your solution and gateway to venturing into the professional world of beauty and cosmetics. One of the advantages of enrolling at Time Machine Academy is that it has industry experience. They are not just into training but are into salons, shoots, bridals, fashion shows, etc. They cover all the areas, and its students get exposure to them by doing internships with them. Book your seat today to get trained by the professionals only at Time Machine Academy. For more information and course details, visit

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