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Hair Styling Course
25 Days / 60 Hours Duration
(Kit* Included)
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Course Level: Foundation Course

Course for: Beginners  

Build your career in the beauty and makeup industry with Time Machine Academy which is an internationally affiliated and certified academy located in Navi Mumbai. Learn the ropes of open hairdressing which forms the very foundation of hairstyling. Knowledge of open hair styling equips you to manage hair efficiently and skillfully. This foundational course offers you the basics to be followed prior to the commencement of any specific hairstyling method. Learn from our professionals who imbibe knowledge and expertise and will teach you to style hair professionally.

Our Offer:

We offer a foundation course for people who want to perfect their skills in hair styling. Understand the techniques used for open hairstyling, from equipment handling like tongs, hot rollers, blow dryers, and more to intricate knowledge of a wide variety of hair textures that can be created with heated equipment and cold styling products.  Besides learning the techniques of hairdressing, get a better understanding of the various hair textures, hair anatomy, and method of hairstyling. Learn various ways to use and style hair and create different textures to suit the customer’s personality.

Our USP:

Time Machine Academy stands out amongst the rest for its internationally recognized and certified courses that equip you with the right skills and certification. At Time Machine, we provide complete hands-on experience in our lab to thoroughly educate you with the right techniques, tools, and product knowledge ensuring you can step into the beauty industry and create magic with your skilled hands. This course is designed for people who lack knowledge in hairdressing and for makeup artists so they can combine their skills to deliver a complete package to celebrities and their esteemed clients. Our team of mad scientists will guide you throughout the course with expert knowledge and share their expertise to help you understand the basics of hairstyling.    Step-up your career by enrolling in this 25 days course and uplift your hairstyling skills to the next level.  

Course Inclusion: Theory + Kit + Practical experience

Hair Knowledge

  • What is Hair?

  • Types of Hair

  • Hair Textures

  • Hair Anatomy

  • Product Knowledge

  • Handling of Tools


  • Flat Iron

  • Iron Curls

  • S Shape Irons

  • Finger Curl Iron

  • Iron Braid

  • Foil Iron

  • U Pin Iron


  • Classic Tongs

  • Feed in Tongs

  • Flat Wrap Tongs

  • S Shape Tongs

  • Spiral Tongs

  • Three Tongs


  • Hot Rollers

  • Velcro Rollers

  • Spiral Rollers

  • Hair Blenders


  • Root Lift Crimp

  • Volume Crimp

  • Design Crimp

Blow Dry

  • Root Blow Dry

  • Out Curl Blow Dry

  • In Curl Blow Dry

  • Volume Blow Dry

  • Straight Blow Dry

  • Denman Brush Blow Dry

  • Push Dry

  • Diffuse Dry


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