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We all had the privilege of experiencing the Millennium in the year 2000. But, who expected a House Wife from Navi Mumbai would pour Magic to the Millennium. That is where our roots lie in our very first Ladies Salon Miss Millennium started by the very Dynamic and Charming
Shanthi Janarthanan.
Time Machine Academy


Turning Magic to Madness 

Hard work, Perseverance, Passion and Love were the Pillars of Miss Millennium which helped Shanthi Janarthanan to serve more than 50k clients in the heart of Navi Mumbai Vashi. The salon works on the motto: For the Women, By the women,  To the Women - with Style of course.

Shanthi’s Dream went from Magic to Madness for Beauty when her IT Engineer Daughter Shine Janarthanan joined hands. The Junior Janarthanan Shine has a Flair and Passion for creativity.

Turning Magic to Madness is exactly what Shine did with Time Machine in the year 2013. Broadening their horizon the Mother Daughter Team now served People with their new Unisex Salon. Step Out younger is the motto and Shine’s philosophy to make people feel good about themselves stuck into their culture.

With the advent of 2018, the Team at Time Machine changed gears to open up Navi Mumbai’s first All in One Studio which caters to Hair, Makeup, Beauty, Academy, Salon & Photography. Talented as she is, Shine also has a penchant for teaching and is looking to impart and spread the knowledge. With more than 18 years in the Beauty Industry, it is time to give something back to the Beauty World.

Their Dream is to not only Make you Look Younger and Beautiful but also turn Navi Mumbai into a Beauty Hub.

Shine Janarthanan & Shanthi Janarthanan

About Us

Our Work

Vogue  la wedding collection

Actor Akshay Mhatre makeover

Professional Demo For Bridal Hair Makeup

Actress Swapnali Patil makeover 

3D creative makeup

Look and Learn Seminar - Hair Makeup and Beauty

Our New Salon

Architectural Setup Of Time Machine Salon


Shine Janarthanan winner in HBS best hair cut
Time machine HBS awards certification
Shine Janarthanan certificate of Georgy kot
Shine Janarthanan Wella trend vision 2016 certificate
Shine Janarthanan London school of barbering certificate
Shine Janarthanan TIGI Backstage heroes certificate
best hand painted colour IBI 2023 finalist India
Shine Janarthana holding IBI 2023 certificate for best hand painted color

Media Coverage

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Time Machine Reopens after Covid
Time Machine Salon & Academy raises fund for Kerala Flood victims
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Shine Janarthanan Shining Bright
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Step Out Younger
Time Machine Academy

Other notable works

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