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Tips to find the right beauty school in Mumbai

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds. There is a huge scope for making a career in beauty, nails, and makeup. However, quality education has become a necessity if you want to excel in your career. Many academies claim to be offering the best beauty courses in Mumbai. As an aspiring artist, you would find it difficult to choose the right beauty school. Here is our guide to find the best beauty academy in Mumbai:

· Finalize your special subject

You might have decided to make a career in beauty. However, the beauty industry is vast and you will also have to decide on which subject you want to specialize in. Once you finalize your field of specialization in the skin, makeup or nails, make sure that you start inquiring about diploma as well as certificate courses. If you are a working professional and time is a constraint for you, you can polish your skills with short term or certificate courses in beauty training.

· Inquire about courses and certifications

You must enquire about various beauty schools nearby your area before finalizing one. Check if the school provides globally recognized certification such as City & Guilds as it will open many opportunities for you in the future. If needed, check their reviews online. Time Machine Salon & Academy’s courses are accredited with City & Guilds international certification. Such institutes are reliable for quality education as they have been accredited by the relevant authorities. They review each institute’s application carefully before rewarding them with these certifications as every academy has to pass the criteria set by these authorities.

· Check facilities and infrastructure

The first impression is the last impression! True to its adage, it’s important that you should personally visit the branch and survey their facilities and infrastructure. Notice important aspects of the institute such as classroom size, seating arrangements, types of tools used for practical sessions, etc. Does the institute have a good number of trainers? Are they qualified enough to teach? Enquire everything about the institute before you enroll. You should be satisfied with the facilities and infrastructure of the beauty school that you desire to get in.

· Get to know the syllabus

Nowadays, there are many beauty academies than you can count. Unfortunately, not all beauty institutes focus on providing well-structured syllabus and extensive training. Hence, it is very important that you study their syllabus well. Ask for the brochures and compare them with other academies as well. You will get a fair idea of whether this particular institute is willing to provide extensive training with maximum practical sessions or not. Crosscheck if the syllabus is up-to-date. Also, check if these courses are recognized by the reputed authorities.

· Internship and placement opportunities

Lastly, after completion of your course, you should have something in your hand before taking a giant leap in the real world. Don’t hesitate to ask them about an internship in a beauty salon. Most institutes do provide job placement opportunities once students have completed their skill training. Time Machine Salon & Academy is one of the few academies that guarantee placement opportunities after the completion of your course.

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