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Hair Styling Course
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4 months / 336 Hours Duration
Plus One Month Internship
(Kit* Included)

Course Level: Basic + Advanced

Course for: (Students)

Launch your career as a professional Hair Dresser & Stylist with our globally recognized certification program in affiliation with City & Guilds. This hairdressing course is designed by global professionals and offers a unique experience in equipping you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the practical skills required for styling hair professionally. This unparalleled and unique vast syllabus offered solely by our mad scientists in the training lab includes comprehensive training and internationally recognized certifications by 3 prestigious organizations namely City & Guilds, L'Oreal Professional, and Time Machine Academy


Our Offer:

We offer you a comprehensive course in hairdressing where you can learn the art of styling, coloring, and cutting hair, managing kits, and understanding the basics of the business as a whole. Our experts will guide and mold you in contributing to your unique experience in personality development, interpersonal relationship management, and client management; skills that will assist you in better salon management thus preparing you for your future business venture. 

Our USP:

The Time Machine Academy is renowned in the industry to churn out only the best professionals prepared to take the beauty industry by storm. This is possible by restricting our course to seven students at a time, which lets us give them personal attention and all the assistance they need to sharpen their skills as expert stylists. Through theory sessions, video demos, live demos, and finally practical experience with live models, your experience and globally recognized certification opens opportunities for you across the globe. Your internship and practical experience in offering top-class service to clients first hand prepares you for your journey ahead in the professional hairdressing business. We are happy to offer our assistance in placements across renowned companies in the hairdressing industry.       

Hair Knowledge

  • What is Hair?

  • Types of Hair

  • Hair Textures

  • Hair Anatomy

  • Hair Science

  • Scalp & Hair Analysis

  • Hair Hygiene

  • Client Consultation

  • Product Knowledge

  • Handling of  tool

Hair Shampoo

Hair Conditioning

Hair Cuts - Women

  • One Length Cut

  • Face Framing Cut

  • Inversion One Cut

  • Inversion Two Cut

  • Square Layered Cut

  • Round Layered Cut

  • Time Machine Signature Cut

  • One Length Bob Cut

  • Graduated Layered Cut

  • Graduated Bob Cut

  • Celebrity Model Cut

Hair  Cuts - Men

  • Men's Square Cut

  • Men's Graduate Cut

  • Scissor Over Comb

  • Fading Cut

  • Celebrity Model Cut

Hair Cuts - Kids

  • Round Layered Cut

  • One Length Bob Cut

  • Clipper Cut

  • Spikes Cut

  • Fringe  Cut

  • Celebrity Model Cut 

Hair Colour

  • Roots 

  • Global

  • Herringbone Highlights

  • Slicing Highlights

  • Weaving Highlights

  • Classic Nine Rows Highlights

  • Ombre Highlights

  • Balayage Highlights

  • A Line Highlights

Hair Extensions

  • Clip on Hair Extensions

  • Ring Hair Extensions

  • Tape Hair Extensions

  • Wig Fixing


  • Product Knowledge

  • Curling (Perm)

  • Hair Straightening

  • Hair Smoothening

  • Colour Key One

  • Hair Spa

  • Hair Treatment

Practice on Live Models

Salon Management & Hygiene

Final Photo Shot

*Kits Contains

  • Scissor

  • Small Cutting Comb

  • Long Cutting Comb

  • Tail Comb

  • Back Combing  Brush

  • Small Round  Brush

  • Medium Round Brush

  • Big Round Brush

  • Paddle Brush

  • Dryer

  • Water Spray

  • Mannequin Head

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Time Machine Academy Hairstyling
Time Machine Academy Model Photoshoot
Time machine Academy Hairstyling Photoshoot
Time Machine Academy Hair Straightening
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