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Makeup Course
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2 months / 168 Hours Duration
(Kit* Included)

Course Level: Basic + Advanced

Course for:   

This theory intensive course revolves around the anatomy of the skin, different types of face structures, and how you go about working with varied skin tones. You can expect to learn the basics of beauty products, gain knowledge of makeup types, techniques, with in-depth insights about industry trends and tools. Earn a City & Guilds Certification along with a Time Machine Academy Certification substantiating your extensive knowledge and broad experience as a makeup artist which is valid internationally. 

Our Offer:

Our experts offer your thorough and comprehensive knowledge about skin, makeup products, and how you could achieve different results by varying products. You will receive a brush kit for practical use and experience. From basic makeup techniques for face, eyes, lips, nose to advanced techniques like contouring, color blending, using an airbrush gun, or even prepping clients for special events.  This extensive course equips you with proficiency and the ability to service clients across categories of bridal makeup, fashion show prep, periodic makeup, creative makeup, photoshoots, and much more. 

Our USP:

We at the Time Machine Academy, a makeup academy in Navi Mumbai,  guide you covering a variety of topics and best use of products, we additionally coach you for advanced makeup techniques like special effects makeup, movie makeup, celebrity shoots, etc. Our experts at Time Machine participate in various events offering our expertise to the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mr. India, and various other fashion shows and pageants. As a part of our course structure, we offer our trainees the opportunity to accompany us giving them the necessary exposure and first-hand experience of work in these dynamic environments. This gives you confidence and offers a wide opportunity for a future beyond mundane beauty care. With this certification, you could choose to work as a freelancer for bridal makeup, shoots, events, as a personal makeup assistant for artists, join a grooming company and work with corporates like airlines or hotel industry or join the retail industry for beauty care brands where we forward your resume for placements.

Course Inclusion: Theory + Demonstrations + Practical experience + Internship

Makeup Looks

  • Product Knowledge

  • Natural Makeup Look

  • Bridal Makeup

         South Indian

         North Indian





  • Periodic Makeup

  • Fashion Makeup

  • Catwalk Makeup

  • Show Makeup

  • Creative Makeup

  • Film Makeup

  • Charactor Makeup

  • Print shoot Makeup

SFX Movie Makeup

  • Product Knowledge

  • Wound Creation

  • Burn Scars Creation

  • Bruise Marks Creation

  • 3 D Cuts Creation

  • Wrinkle Creation

  • Pimple Creation

  • Mould Creation

  • Hair Whitening

  • Dirtying Face

  • Face Swelling

Air Brush Makeup

  • Product Knowledge

  • Handling the  Tools

  • Advantages of Air Brush

  • Air Brush Base Application

  • Blusher Application

  • Contouring

  • Highlighting


  • What is Skin?

  • Skin Anatomy

  • Types of Skin

  • Skin Prep

  • Skin Analysis (Face)l


  • Product Knowledge

  • Makeup Knowledge

  • Technical Knowledge

  • Different Face Shapes

  • Choosing the Right Base

  • Types of Foundations

  • Derma Base Application

  • Cream Base Application

  • Liquid Base Application

  • Correcting Skin Problems

  • Concealing Skin Problems

  • Strobing

  • Highlighting

  • Contouring

  • Blush

  • Eyebrow Defying


  • Product Knowledge

  • 14 Different  Liner Techniques

  • Different Eye Shapes

  • 16 Different Eyeshadow Techniques

  • Colour Blending

  • Glitter Application

  • Lash Application

  • Doll Lash

  • Strip

  • Single


  • Product Knowledge

  • Lip Shaping 

  • Types of Lipsticks

  • Lipsticks Applications

  • Glitter Lips 

  • Glam Lips

  • Toon Lips

  • Creative Lips

  • Matt Lips


  • Product Knowledge

  • Nose Shapes

  • Nose Sharpening

  • Nose Sculpting

*Kits Contains

  • Brush Kit Pouch

  • Foundation Brush

  • Powder Brush

  • Blusher Brush

  • Contour Brush

  • Eye Shadow Brush

  • Eyeliner  Brush

  • Concealer  Brush

  • Eyebrow Brush

  • Lip Brush

  • Blending Brush

  • Comb Brush

  • Concealer Buffer Brush

  • Wet Wipes

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