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5 Trending Eye Makeup Ideas For The 2023 Bride

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Matching up with the dynamic bridal makeup styles trending yearly can be challenging for every makeup artist. There’s a lot one can experiment with, especially with eyes, to sport that elegant wedding look. A makeup artist must be par excellence when styling brides. Look at these bridal eye makeup ideas for 2023 that every makeup artist must get familiar with.

Bold and Beautiful Halo Eye

The year 2022 saw brides opting for minimalistic makeup with nude shades and simplistic color tones. However, we expect the focus next year on high-impact eye makeup. Creating the halo effect on the eyes is perfect for reflecting on ourselves.

Getting the Kohl Effect

With changing eye makeup trends, brides have shifted their priorities from kohl to other forms of eye makeup. However, there is no match for an elegantly kohl-lined eye to pave the way for HD bridal makeup. Naturally, it’s no surprise to witness a bridal makeup specialist bank on such a look next year.

Smudged to Perfection

Since it is D-day, everything needs to be done. Makeup artists must use eyeliner to create that elusive smudged and smoked look. You can dabble with color and create a mesmerizing effect. Tightline the lower and upper waterlines and watch the eyes become a reflection of you. Look for a salon near me to get more information on how to do the same.

Brown to Rage Around

Till now, the focus was on smoky black eyes. However, the following year would transform the trends. Brown, smudged looks are going to rule. Not only brown but there are also many earthy colors that you could play around with. This combination looks perfect on Indian skin tones, so choose your color wisely.

We Always Love Pink

Pink as a color finds favor with most brides. Be it their dress or their makeup; pink never loses steam. Pastel pink eye shadow creates a well-defined yet graceful look for the bride.

Add pink blush and lipstick, and the choice complements the overall presentation.

Summing up

It might be challenging to handle a puzzled bride-to-be. After all, it is her D-day, and a perfect look is what she expects from a professional makeup specialist. If you are looking for a professional course with a City and Guild certification on completion, the Time Machine and Academy can be the best bet. Apart from being reputed as a bridal salon in Navi Mumbai, the academy offers several courses under the guidance of reputed industry experts to help you develop into a professional makeup artist. Call now to enroll at The Time Machine Academy.

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