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Nail Course
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10 days / 30 Hours Duration
(Kit* Included)
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  • What is Nail?

  • Nail Anatomy

  • Different Shapes of Nails

  • Nail Hygiene

Nail Prep

  • Product Knowledge

  • Handling of Tools

  • Cuticle Pushing

  • Cuticle Cutting

  • Express Manicure

Polish Application

  • Regular Polish

  • Gel Polish

  • French Polish

  • Glitter Effect on Gel Polish

  • Crome Effect on Gel Polish

  • Removal of Gel Polish

Gel Extension

  • Tip Fixing

  • Foil Fixing

  • Gel Nail Extensions using Tip

  • Gel Nail Extensions using Foils

  • Clear Gel Extensions

  • French Gel Extensions using White Tip

  • Built - In Glitter Gel Extension

  • Gel Overlay

  • Removal of Gel Extension

  • Refilling

Acrylic Extensions

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions using Tip

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions using Foil

  • Acrylic French Extensions

  • Clear Acrylic Extensions

  • Built-In Glitter Acrylic Extensions

  • Colour Acrylic Extensions

  • Acrylic Overlay

  • Removal of Acrylic Extensions

  • Refilling


  • Line Art

  • Dotting

  • Check Art

  • 3D Sticker Art

  • Stroke Art

  • Water Decal Art

  • Flower Making Art

  • Ombre Art

  • Animal Paint Art

  • Glitter Art

  • Myler Nail Art

  • Velvet Nail Art

  • Ball Nail Art

  • Jewellery Art

  • 3D Art

*Kit Contains

  • 3 Gel Polish

  • 1 Top Coat

  • 1 Base Coat

  • 1 Nail Piler

  • 1 Nail Buffer

  • 1 Gel Brush

  • 1 Builder Gel

  • 1 Extension Tip Box

  • 1 Glue for Tip

  • 20 Cleanser Wipes

Course Level: Basic + Advanced

Course for: Artistic individuals

The craze for stylish nails designed in a variety of techniques is trending giving rise to a full-fledged career in nail art. We at the Time Machine Academy guide you covering all aspects of nail art from nail science to client consultation, including the latest technology used. Get trained by certified and experienced trainers and receive a Time Machine Nail Technician Course Certification that certifies you to join the flourishing beauty industry as a nail technician.

Our Offer:

Nail art is an innovative course that requires creativity, precision, and imagination. At Time Machine Academy, we introduce you to techniques and train you to work with precision on these tiny surfaces. Your artistic view is further equipped with a theoretical understanding of nail care. Sharpen your skill with experience of working with dummy nails as well as live clients. Learn to work with a variety of products like acrylic nails, gel nails, acnu-gel nails, and more. Get hands-on training in nail prep with cuticle cutting, tip fixing, express manicure, and more. Inculcate the art of polish application with varied effects and types of polish.  

Our USP:

At Time Machine Academy, our nail art course in Navi Mumbai, trains you as a nail technician, introducing you to tools and equipment, product knowledge, and the latest trends and techniques in a nail art course. You will receive a basic kit to get you started and will be introduced to theory lessons giving you an in-depth understanding and insight of the surfaces you will work with. Demo sessions will be held for a better comprehension of nail art. A Time Machine Certification as a nail technician gives you the freedom to choose a freelancing career with ease considering it requires carrying a fairly tiny kit. You could opt to work in salons or simply choose to learn the art as a hobby to assist family and friends with nail care.

Course Inclusion: Theory + Demonstrations + Practical experience

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