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Wedding Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Being a bridal makeup artist can be stressful. Professionalism is a universal concept. However, the rules for a creative industry like makeup can be slightly different. It can be tricky to understand the correct etiquette when you are on the job. Luckily, this blog has got you covered! Here is a list of do's and don'ts for makeup artists to make their task easier:

Communication is the key

No makeup technique works for everyone. Every skin is different, and so are its needs. Some brides might have some skin concerns that their makeup artists should consider while doing makeup. Moreover, it also helps makeup artists know their customers' expectations.

Identify your wedding aesthetic.

It is crucial to understand the aesthetics of the wedding itself. For example, a Punjabi bridal makeup artist or a Bengali bridal makeup artist tends to go heavy with the makeup as the overall wedding aesthetic is flamboyant and is hosted at night. In contrast, a Christian or South Indian bridal makeup artist goes lighter with makeup because these wedding ceremonies are hosted during the daytime.

Bring reference photos

Brides from different cultures have different bridal styles too. For example, a South Indian bridal makeup artist or a Maharashtrian bridal makeup artist can bring reference photos to help the bride understand the look they are looking for. A more visual representation of the bride's wants will make your task comparatively easier.

Don't always chase the trending looks.

One significant don'ts for the makeup artist is to follow trends blindly. While a makeup look might be trending now, it might not look good on the bride or suit their wedding aesthetic. Going for a classic look that is in tune with the overall wedding aesthetic is key to wedding makeup. Of course, following the trend or your favorite actor’s looks and makeup is quite common, but it is crucial to ensure it suits your bride well.

In Conclusion

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