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5 Must-Have Skills to Become an Expert Nail Technician

Updated: Jan 9

The beauty industry is vast. It offers umpteen opportunities to begin your career with. However, each field requires a set of skills and lots of passion for art. If you have a creative bent of mind and you enjoy embellishing one’s nails, you may choose a career as a nail technician. Thanks to social media, the nail art industry is growing exponentially. In India, people are willingly choosing this profession as one of the lucrative career choices. Creative minded people will enjoy this field as every day you will be challenged to display something refreshing and unique. With time, you may become a polished nail art tech. However, this field tests your patience as well. Want to make a career as a nail technician? Here are 5 must-have skills that you should have to become an expert in it:

1. Patience

As a nail technician, you should have a lot of patience when dealing with different types of customers. Nail art involves a lot of details. Details like cleaning, shaping, coloring, choosing the right type of nail art designs and drawing nail art patterns will require your attention. You need to have an eye for detail as one mistake can spoil the nail art design as well. It requires a great deal of patience and time to complete your work with finesse.

Additionally, every customer is different. Some like quick manicures. Some like to spend a lot of time availing various nail services. If you are appointed to cater to a particular client, you need to work diligently and keep lots of patience with such clients.

2. Creativity

The beauty industry demands a lot of creativity and refreshing ideas. If you are good at hand drawing and creative, then the nail art industry is your ultimate calling. You should have an artistic eye to create some awe-inspiring nail art designs. Nowadays, a lot of women take it to Instagram to announce their love for nail art. If you are great at it, you could be the next Instagram star whose designs can trend on social media platforms. Take some inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and amaze your clients with your nail art skills.

3. Well-aware of trends

Being a nail technician isn’t just a job! In this age of social media, your voice can be heard of. If you know the ongoing trends well, you could even create trends on your own. A nail technician should be well aware of the latest trends as your knowledge can help you recommend your clients best in nail art. You should know what shapes, colors, treatments or nail art designs are trending in the market. Your knowledge about nails can leave a lasting impression on clients. Your precision in work and broad knowledge also make you more reliable as a nail tech.

4. Customer service oriented

As a nail technician, you should have good communication and conversational skills. Manicure sessions can be time-consuming. However, as an expert nail tech, you can engage your clients with casual, interesting conversations that can make their session pleasant and easy. You need not indulge in gossip or take an interest in the personal life of a client. You need to draw the boundaries between personal and professional conversations. If you are good at people skills, you are a perfect fit as a nail technician. After all, clients enjoy positive, comforting sessions after a long, tiring day at work!

5. Professional skillset

While you may get praised for being a courteous and pleasant nail technician, it’s your professional skills that can earn you a spot in any salon. As a nail technician, your professional experience and practice are important to grab a job in this service-oriented industry. Along with interpersonal skills, your broad knowledge about nails and practice can help you become an expert nail technician.

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