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Why becoming a makeup artist is a lucrative career option?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

They say ‘Makeup is art and beauty is spirit’. How rightly it describes the power of makeup! Today, each individual wants to look good and put their best foot forward. Makeup is a great weapon for women as it instills confidence in them. In this social-media-driven age, many people are posting their selfies with groomed nails and trendy makeup. The recent boom in the beauty and makeup industry affirms the fact that a career in beauty and makeup has become a lucrative option for many. Here are some compelling reasons that will help you consider making a career in beauty and makeup:

1. Growing demand for makeup artists

There is a huge scope for makeup artists in various industries like entertainment, fashion, theater, and television. In addition to this, people hire makeup artists for social gatherings like weddings, engagement and even small scale fashion shows and events. To survive in this industry, one has to have special skills to deliver excellent results. For instance, Bollywood directors look for proficient makeup artists to get a look that is required for a particular character in the movie.

Indian weddings are elaborate and every bride dreams of looking like a princess on her big day and they are ready to splurge on a good makeup artist. The artists not only have a chance to run an independent salon but they can also take up various freelance assignments for events like engagement or wedding.

2. Strong network of people

As a makeup artist, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact and meet people from all walks of life. They can be your regular clients visiting your salon or even celebrities can step into your salon as you become proficient in your work. The best part of makeup training is that the reputed academy always tries to push their students by giving them various assignments where they get a chance to meet experienced makeup artists or some even end up meeting their favorite celebrity makeup artists. Time Machine Salon & Academy is one of the few institutes that send their students for photo shoots and workshops. Students get maximum exposure to real-life work. As a result, once they complete their training, they are confident to work at any salons of their choice.

3. Never short of creativity

The makeup field is very creative yet challenging. If you choose to become a makeup artist, you will never be bored as the work continues to throw a lot of challenges in your way. You can master the art of prosthetic makeup or you can also choose to become a bridal makeup specialist as there is no dearth of weddings and different ceremonies in India. You can work on conceptualizing photo shoots for ad agencies or publishing houses or run a salon in your area. You will always have a chance to experiment with looks as every client will have a different requirement.

4. Rewards and recognition

It’s a rewarding career as you excel in your field; chances are you get more freelance opportunities. When you are taking training, make sure that you get a chance to work on live assignments. Be proactive to attend workshops and Look & Learn seminars so that it will help you broaden your knowledge about beauty and makeup. Whether you choose to become a prosthetic makeup artist, an employee or decide to open your salon, you will earn lots of money.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and confident? If you have a knack to make people look beautiful and confident, then choosing a career as a makeup artist is the right option for you. Time Machine Salon & Academy is a reputed training institute based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Its vast syllabus, regular practice sessions, and City & Guild certification ensure that you get the best of education to excel in this field.

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