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This Festive Season, Pamper Yourself with Various Beauty Services at Time Machine Salon

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Winter has finally arrived! This is the best time of the year as you get to spend maximum time with your loved ones. The change in the air is certainly welcoming after you bid goodbyes to scorching summer. With every season, there is one thing that needs to be changed – your skin and hair care routine! During the winter season, you tend to experience dry skin and dull, dehydrated hair. When your fashion wardrobe gets a front seat during the winter season, your beauty routine is left behind, No worries! Time Machine Salon is all set to pamper you with their best salon services.

Go for a haircut

A trendy haircut can quickly transform one’s personality in an instant. Get prepped for Christmas with the latest haircuts available at Time Machine Salon. Whether you’re looking for a stylish bob, layered cut, textured bob or blunt cut, you are spoilt for choice! You’ll be amazed by your quick transformation. It enhances your facial features and balances out your face. The team is well-aware with the latest trends and they will recommend you top trendy haircuts and hair colors too.

Dazzling digits

Christmas is all about dressing up well, preparing special delicacies and spending time with your loved ones. Christmas also gives you an opportunity to look your best for family get-togethers and impending New Year parties. While you fix your hair and go for a nice facial, your nails are often neglected. This is the time to take care of your nails and make them look fantastic for Christmas night. If you desire for the natural-looking yet classic nails, then go for a French manicure. The best way to embellish your nails is 3D, monochrome or floral nail art. The salon offers a wide variety of nail services. Get your broken nails fixed or pamper your tired feet with Ice Cream or Bomb pedicure. You can also opt for refreshing nail art designs and flaunt them on your Instagram!

Aim for naturally glowing skin

Your skin is exposed to environmental factors like pollution, dust, heat, and sunrays on a daily basis. As a result, your skin looks dry, dull and dehydrated. Infuse a fresh breath of life in your skin with good skin treatments. This festive season, visit Time Machine Salon to pamper your skin with the luxurious skin treatments. People with sensitive skin are prone to develop tanned skin. As a result, their skin looks dull and dark. If you are one of them with tanned skin, opt for a special tanning treatment available at the salon. Body polishing is a very rejuvenating spa treatment that removes the layer of dead skin cells effectively. This treatment helps you get flawless, glowing skin in an instant. This is a perfect treatment for occasions like Christmas and New Year as you will step out with a clean and clear complexion.

Makeup for special occasions

With the arrival of winter, the bridal season also begins. Makeup has become an inseparable part of our modern life. Be it Christmas a party, New Year celebration or bridal season, makeup has become a necessity for city dwellers. Time Machine salon is well-equipped with a team of professional makeup artists that will help you get prepped for your special day. You can go for the latest party makeup, bridal makeup, makeup for corporate events or regular makeup.

Time Machine Salon ensures that every client is consulted thoroughly to understand their requirements well and service is rendered with full satisfaction. Once the consultation is done, the artist also considers any suggestions given by the clients.

Come, visit Time Machine Salon, experience their services and step out looking younger and stylish ever than before! Book your appointment now!!

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