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Nail Art Services to Beautify Your Nails in a Jiffy!

Updated: Jan 9

As they say, ‘Life is too short to have boring nails’! True to this phrase, nobody wants to have simple, plain-looking nails these days. Instagram is loaded with various nail art designs and everyone is eager to flaunt their digits with beautiful nail art. If you haven’t figured out what nail art will look good on your nails, why not visit Time Machine Salon & Academy, Vashi to experience the best of nail art services!

Nail Art Services at Time Machine Salon

After a brief consultation with the client, the nails are filed, cut and shaped. Time Machine Salon houses all types of nail art services. The client can opt for gel or acrylic extensions. The nail tech also recommends types of extensions suitable for clients. The nail polish shade card is given to the client in order to start with the nail art design.

Clients can give their pre-decided nail art designs or the nail technicians at Time Machine Salon can easily beautify their nails with their expertise in nail art.

Starting from Rs. 300/-, experience a variety of nail art services at Time Machine Salon & Academy and step out with Instagram-worthy nails right now!

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