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Is there a minimum qualification one needs to join beauty parlour classes for hair stylist in Mumbai

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

For years, the hairstyling industry has been sidelined due to its lack of demand and the right resources available for example its products and equipment. However, in today’s modern world, Internet has made it easier to get one’s hands on the right products used in hairstyling. The new and upcoming trends in hairstyling has taken the beauty industry by storm, fascinated many people and changed the way we look at hairstyling. Today the process of hairstyling has come of age and has now become a well-thought-out process. Modern hairstyling is all about combining a scientific approach with a whole lot of creativity mixed with a tint of imagination.

Has there been a drastic change within the beauty industry?

In today’s era, the process of hairstyling has undergone a huge change. One example could be how it switched from the usage of simple combs to advanced electrical gadgets. With everything being said, a course in hairstyling has emerged as a top choice among the youth who are looking for an offbeat career.

What could be better than establishing a career in Mumbai, the city of actors and actresses, limelight, and stages! Even though there are no specific eligibility criteria required for entering this field, professional expertise along with a great amount of practical training to gain experience is something that is required to make a career out of this. Having a strong command of the local language and the ability to communicate and understand the client’s requirements along with hands-on experience from renowned salons is an advantage to become a hairstylist in Mumbai. There are several training schools in Navi Mumbai for beauty and hair care courses. Most of these schools prefer a 10 and +2 or at least a class 10 level qualification.

What are the requirements?

It all does not just come to an end once you graduate from a cosmetology program. To be able to become a full-time hairstylist one must pass the Academy exams set by the faculty of the Institution. Along with these basic requirements, it is important to keep in mind the following qualities as well.

*One must be friendly and motivated at all times.

*Must be able to work independently and as part of a team.

*Must be able to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

If you reside in Mumbai, Time Machine academy would be the best place to kick start your hair-styling journey while you enjoy the best of training and resources to excel in the industry. Head over to the academy’s online website to know more and get yourself enrolled in some really amazing courses.

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