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How long does it take to complete a beautician course?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Did you know that the makeup industry- which is worth more than 200 crores is one of the biggest industries in the world? Studies even show that women spend over 15 lakhs when it comes to cosmetics! The whole makeup and cosmetics trend has been taken over even by men today, because who doesn’t want to look beautiful! Skincare and makeup aren’t limited to a particular gender which probably is one of the reasons why the global market is booming throughout the world amidst economic slowdowns and recessions.

Now if you’re wondering what would it be like to build a career in the beauty industry, think of it this way- people who are truly passionate about making other people look good which eventually leads to them feeling good can definitely build a successful career in the beauty industry.

If you are someone who’s passionate about building a career in this industry, a diploma or a certificate course to become a certified cosmetologist or a makeup artist is the first thing you would need. Once you’ve completed your training you can either work privately by opening beauty salons or you can even choose to work with television artists, on film sets- which of course is definitely more glamorous. A diploma or a certified course would help you to learn different aspects of makeup, including hairstyling, a wide range of skincare solutions, flawless makeup techniques, and what not!

When it comes to the eligibility criteria, there’s nothing much to worry about! One does not require any previous knowledge in the beauty industry in order to apply for the beautician course. However, one must complete higher secondary education- in order to be eligible.

The course duration varies from one institution to another; from three months to a year.

The most common subjects in almost all the beautician courses include - *Grooming *Safety and hygiene *Keratin *Manicure & Pedicure *Basic Haircuts *Understanding Skin Type & Analysis *Hair Spa & Hair Treatments *Blow drying and Heat Styling *Hair Spa/ Hair Oil Massage *Men’s Hair Cuts

Courses and Duration Certificate Programmes *Herbal Beauty Care Course: 3 months *Beauty Parlour Course: 4 months *Beauty Care Course: 4 months *Ayurvedic Beauty Care Course: 3 months *Beauty and Make-up course: 3 months Diploma Programmes

*Cosmetology and Beauty Course:8 months

*Beauty and Wellness Course: 6 to 8 months

*Beauty Culture and Cosmetology Course: 8 months

*Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology: 8 months

Apart from all the courses mentioned above, PG Diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty Care is a postgraduate diploma program with a duration of 1 year.

The beauty industry is a great platform for those who are creative and wish to make a living out of making people look their best. To add on, there is even a whole industry that has sprung up around sharing one’s creativity via social platforms to inspire others and even attract new clients!

Apply now for the enchanting Beautician course, where you'll master the secrets of skincare, makeup artistry, and beauty techniques!

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