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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Hair extensions have come a long way. They are no longer limited to celebrities like Selena Gomez or Kylie Jenner. As more and more people started wearing extensions, they have got a cult status of their own. They come in different variety and quality. Hair extensions are available in cheaper and expensive versions too. However, playing with your hair is not recommended especially when you’ve got thin hair. Want to make your hair look fuller and beautiful? Are there any better, fuss-free extensions available in the market? We are here to solve all the doubts you may have about hair extensions. Let’s get to know different types of hair extensions.

Types of hair extensions

There are types of hair extensions and each has different functionality. Hair extensions are used to add volume and length of the hair. However, everybody has a different type of hair and beauty therapists use extensions accordingly. There are four types of hair extensions such as Ring, Stitch, Keratin bond and Tape-in extensions. Let’s get to know each hair extension type in detail:

Ring Extensions

Ring hair extensions are most suitable for people with very thin hair. They come with small metal tubes that are used to secure extensions with your natural hair. They instantly add volume and increase the length of the sparse hair. They are easy to carry as they look very natural and are lightweight. For first-timers, these rings might make uncomfortable but with time, one can get habitual to it. A hairdresser may take 2 hours to attach these extensions and are easy to remove and 100% safe to use.

Stitch extensions

Stitch or sew-in extensions are mostly used to increase the length of the client’s hair. This type of extension is best for those with medium to thick hair. One should go to a professional salon to avail of this service. They are available in different lengths and they might feel heavy initially. However, after some time a user can become used to it. These extensions require a touchup every two months and are a bit expensive as compared to other types of extensions.

Keratin Bond Extensions

Keratin bond extensions are very comfortable to carry and they look natural as they are made of human hair. These extensions are popular due to their natural look and feel. To attach them with the client’s hair, special keratin glue is used. They are strategically attached to the hair so that they blend well with the client’s natural hair. A hairdresser will use a solution to remove these extensions. The client will need to visit a salon for a touchup every 1 and a half months. The procedure might take two hours to complete but they are worth trying for people with sparse hair problems.

Tape-in Extensions

These extensions are pre-taped and a hairdresser uses a heated tool to apply for these extensions to the hair. Once the glue is heated up, the hairdresser carefully aligns tape-ins with the client’s hair. They are lightweight and so the wearer is comfortable in carrying them. Tape-in extensions are useful to add volume and increase the length of the hair. Usually, the procedure takes one and a half hours. These extensions will need a touchup every 1 and a half months that help you maintain and prolong their life expectancy.

Indian women specifically like having long, fuller hair. It makes them look beautiful and young. Extensions come handy for those with thin fine hair or having hair fall problems. When you are using an extension, its maintenance is very important. The after-care treatment given at the salon help you keep the extensions in good shape and health. Extensions are applied with the help of glue and heating tools and so in the process, they can damage your hair. Hence, you must recommend your clients the right type of extensions and after-care service to them.

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