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We Innovate We Invent We Create

& You Transform

Wish to do a Time Travel and Keep Looking the best at every moment?

Ever wondered how Einstein’s Innovation would blend with Picasso’s Artistry?


That is exactly what you should expect from the MAD Scientists at this Beauty Fanatics Laboratory called - Time Machine

Time Machie Academy Creative Makeup.JPG

Time Machine is Navi Mumbai’s first All in One Studio which caters to Hair, Makeup, Beauty Academy, Salon & Photography

Time Machine Academy Global Copper Hair Colour.jpg

It takes you back in Time to let you see a “Younger & Beautiful You”. These insane Scientists at work will mesmerize you with their creative yet splendid Styles and Looks. Our Scientific Formulas will transform you into the Smarter and Trendier You at ourstyling Labs.

Don’t Believe Us. Do visit our Time Capsule. You will definitely Step Out Younger with Time Machine